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Our purpose is to educate and empower disadvantaged youth and orphans who are unable to access university or college or find a job, so they can create and build sustainable and profitable businesses within a year. Ultimately, we want these students to be part of our employment solution rather than the unemployment pandemic that currently grips our country.

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Target Audience

SOE Foundation aims to help the following students

Our ideal target audience is the youth of South Africa, males and females aged 18 to 24.

The SoE Foundation is situated in a nation that is struggling with poverty and unemployment. As a result, the youth is often seen as an apathetic generation that has little interest in contributing to the economy. However, that notion needs to change because it is not true!

Our youth cares about their future and they are looking for avenues that can help them find jobs or start businesses. All they need is access to training and support that will empower them to make a start in life and earn a living, and that’s what we do.

Our students have a greater opportunity to be impacted by entrepreneurship coaching sessions that teach principles and values like self-motivation and self-determination.

Here are just a few shocking statistics as per the StatsSA Q1 2023 report:


of all youth are unemployed in SA


of those who passed matric are unemployed


of matriculants have a chance of finding a job


of all youth are unemployed in SA


is the average cost to study for a three-year degree


of student applications will be rejected

Our team of accomplished entrepreneurs are developing our youth (aspiring and existing entrepreneurs) into skilled entrepreneurs who are capable of starting and running sustainable businesses, to create jobs for themselves and possibly others too.

What Students Get

4LIFE Entrepreneurship Programme™

Get the coaching, roadmap and support you need to start a business from scratch without overwhelm or frustration.

Start Your Own Business

Get training from a team of accomplished entrepreneurs who will help you with scaling your new business.

International Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme

Get lifetime access to our entrepreneur community where you can do business through referral networking.

Lifetime Community Support

  • Ongoing growth strategy and tactic sessions to keep your business growing and sustainable
  • Monthly referral networking meetings to gain access to market through your fellow colleagues and their networks
  • Lifetime access to our exclusive closed Facebook Group
  • Access to exclusive member-only interviews with successful entrepreneurs
  • Access to all future upgraded course content
  • Weekly tool reviews of tools that can help you be more productive in your business
  • Weekly accountability sessions with an accountability coach

What to expect

Programme info

Streamed live online (excluding holidays)

Live sessions daily at 9 AM (GMT+2)

Recorded and available to watch online without limits

Accompanied by assignments, exercises, and case studies

Interactive with Q&A at the end of each session

Personalised guidance from an accountability coach

Added Value

Bonus Tool

The Enneagram is a sense-making tool and framework that enables the development of self-awareness.

At the start of the programme, you will take the Enneagram Assessment and discover your Entrepreneur Enneagram Type (EET).

Moreover, you get a detailed report on your Enneagram Type and a debriefing session with an accredited Enneagram Coach on your Entrepreneur Enneagram Type.

Your results give you insight into your core personality traits as it reveals your intrinsic motivators, strengths and weaknesses while it guides you to create the changes needed in yourself to become the best version of yourself and ultimately a more successful entrepreneur.

Armed with this self-knowledge, you can customise your learning path for accelerated development and success.

Who We Are

The Team

Meet the Founder & head coach

Leon Lategan

Leon Lategan is the School of Entrepreneurship’s Founder and Head Coach. He has coached, trained and spoken to over +50 000 entrepreneurs, business owners and corporates in South Africa and in 21 cities globally in countries such as Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Mauritius, Bahrain, Botswana, Namibia, Rwanda and Tanzania.

The SOE Foundation (Reg No. 265 228) is the NPO arm of the School of Entrepreneurship where we seek to help disadvantaged youth and orphans as per our purpose.


How you can get involved

To celebrate the launch of our brand new 4LIFE Entrepreneurship Programme™, you can now sponsor a student at a special EARLY BIRD price of...



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